The new IndieDevMap is in open beta

posted by admin on 03 August 2016 in IndieDevMap

The new IndieDevMap is in open beta

I am sure not many would have ever expected this, but as you can see the new IndieDevMap is here!

I wish I could have done it sooner, but better late than never!

As you might have noticed, if you still remember the old website, much has changed from the first version.

The new website introduces a new design, a better navigation and it will allow me to add even more features and improvements with further development.

Not everything is ready for the official launch though. Few core features (like search and stats) are still missing and there are no developers on the maps yet.

This morning I went through all the previous developer submissions (more than 300) and filtered out all the inactive developers. That gave me a new list of 183 developers which will shortly be added to the maps.

I decided to start to publish the website in "open beta" to get feedback and new submissions while I finish the last few bits.

My plan now is to complete the core features and to add all the previous registered developers by next week, so expect a new update soon.

In the meanwhile feel free to follow and give any feedback on the official social media pages like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.

If you are an indie or independent game developer you can also submit your data to be included on the map (soon).

Finally, you can also show your support to the project by becoming a patron on Patreon.