The new IndieDevMap is live

posted by admin on 11 August 2016 in IndieDevMap

The new IndieDevMap is live

A week after the open beta launch the website is finally ready and I am glad to introduce you the new IndieDevMap.

What's new

The new IndieDevMap restarts from where the old website left featuring 6 maps and almost 200 developers over 100 different locations.

Despite remaining faithful to its core idea, the website has a brand new design and many improvements under the hood.

You can now comment posts like this one using the DISQUS comments box at the bottom of the page.

Developers can be found navigating the maps, using the search at the top or the advanced search to have more control over the results.

Several statistics on the registered developers are already available and other will be introduced in the future.

Finally, a new web chat allows real time discussions between members.

What's next

IndieDevMap will not remain just an online map for long, there's much more planned for the future.

In the following weeks we'll start to publish game news, interviews with developers, game reviews and much more.

If you are interested in writing for IndieDevMap send a message and you will be contacted shortly.

We are also planning to expand the website with many new features like job boards, polls, developer accounts, freelancer lists. Even if there are not well defined dates or a roadmap for that yet.

Game developers

If you are an active indie or independent game developer and you're not already on the map you can submit your data here.

In case you are already on the map, but want to update/amend your data feel free to send a message with the correct info.

Follow and support IndieDevMap

Everyone can follow IndieDevMap on social media channels like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.

You can also subscribe to the newsletter to get all the news and updates straight to your mail box.

Finally, if you want to support IndieDevMap you can help us spreading the word sharing this post or the website with your contacts and friends or you can join other donors and become a patron on Patreon.

All the donations will be used to maintain and improve the website.