Indiedevmap is an online world map of indie and independent game developers, but with your help it can become much more.

I'm planning to make it a reference website for independent developers and gamers with much more than just few dots on a map. The plan is to add more contents like news, interviews, reviews, promotions, polls and many new features.

To achieve this I need your help though.

I'd love to work on this project full-time, but recently I quit my job to be an indie developer myself and even if I'm thrilled for this, it comes at a price.

Without some financial backup I'll have to take on random jobs and as you may imagine that will slow down the development. In the worst case I'd have to put it on hold, which is something I want to try to avoid as I already had to do it in the past months.

You can help donating and sharing this page, it's easy like that, and you'll get rewards for that (check the FAQ for more info).

Thanks a lot,


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£135 raised of £3,000 minimum target by 5 donors since 03 March 2014.

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What is IndieDevMap?

IndieDevMap is an interactive world map of indie and independent game developers, originally inspired by a popular website called GameDevMap. That's what the website used to be at least, but now I'm trying to extend this basic concept and to add more contents and features to it.

Who are you?

My name is Davide Coppola, I'm a professional game developer who recently turned indie (again). You can find more about me on my personal website.

Why IndieDevMap?

I, and many others, think that a website like IndieDevMap can help developers to connect with other people living in the same area.

Will I get anything for my donation?

My gratitude :-)

Joking apart, all the donors will be listed on a specific page of the website for the whole 2014.

Different donations will be rewarded in different ways:

£10 or more: you can add a short message

£50 or more: you can add a clickable link

£100 or more: you can add a 125x125 clickable banner

£250 or more: you can add a 468x60 clickable banner.

How are you going to use my money?

Your donations will allow me to work full-time on IndieDevMap, so I'll be able to publish the new website sooner. They will also pay for fixed costs like the domain and the web hosting. I'm also planning to use some money for marketing and to pay editors which will help me with the contents. Anyway all the money raised here will be used for developing, promoting and supporting IndieDevMap and not for anything else.

Can you tell me more about what the new IndieDevMap is going to be?

The new website will keep the basic idea of the interactive maps listing the developers in a specific area, but it will extend that adding more contents and features.

What I'm planning to add to the website is: user accounts, team pages, news from the indie scene and the game industry, interviews with developers, game reviews, editorials, jobs board, polls.

Does this campaign have a time limit?

No, it will keep running at least until the minimum target is achieved or I manage to finish the website.

What happens when you hit the minimum target?

If the campaign reaches the minimum target before I finish the website then it will be extended, but all the money raised will always be used to support the website. They just will allow me to work more on it and to add more features.

What happens if the campaign doesn't hit the minimum target?

I'll still keep working on the website in my spare time, but I'm not sure if I will ever be able to finish it like that.

What's the current status of the project?

I've already designed the new website and implemented the homepage featuring a new interactive world map and the page used to show contents (like news and interviews).

Why aren't you running this campaign on some crowdfunding website?

This is a small campaign for a small project and unfortunately I don't have enough spare time to dedicated to a proper campaign on a crowfunding platform. If you're an indie developer you know how time consuming something like that can be, so I hope you'll understand.

Who donated to this campaign?

This awesome people.

How can I contact you?

You can send an email to:

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You can also join our IRC chan #indiedevmap on Freenode.